My parameters aren’t working! My parameters are all wrong! A tale of Tableau Updates

My parameters aren’t working! My parameters are all wrong! A tale of Tableau Updates

You’re five hours into development of new changes to your Tableau workbook and you publish it to the server.

You go take a look at it to see how well you’ve done and how beautiful it is.

But, you notice that nothing is happening when you change your parameter values… The parameter in the title doesn’t change when you think you have made a change to it.

You may have run into the same issue I did with parameter issues. I couldn’t find details of this online anywhere and needed help from Tableau.

This became an issue when upgrading our Tableau version from 10.5 to 2018.3. There was a bug in the software that dealt with the indexing of parameters from a data source to your workbook. If you used a data source parameter in your workbook, somehow it couldn’t figure itself out and would duplicate the parameter in the workbook, but it would be empty.

The references wouldn’t update in the workbook, and you would be stuck on a search for the correct parameter only to change it and see that it happened again right away.

What do I do if my parameters are duplicating?

The only complete solution to this problem is to copy and paste all your sheets and dashboards by selecting them all on the slider at the bottom of the screen, and pasting them into a fresh workbook from the latest Tableau verison you have.

You will have to redo all your formatting and sizing, but the problem will be solved.

I hope somehow you found this when you had the same issue I had, and I can save you lots of frustration in finding the problem. Unfortunately I can’t save you the stress of reformatting the workbook!

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